What’s the Point of APA Style? Relevance of a Writing Style to Life After Graduation

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Every librarian knows that many students are skeptical—or even highly resistant—to learn APA Style. Students often perceive APA Style as being relevant only to writing papers for school, but in fact, APA Style helps students develop many communication skills relevant to life after graduation. In this webinar, the APA Style team will explore how librarians can increase students’ buy-in to learning APA Style by demonstrating how learning and using a writing style will help students in any career they pursue. We will share real-life examples of applications of APA Style, showing how the APA Style core principles of writing with clarity, precision, and inclusion support people in tasks such as writing resumes and emails, creating PowerPoint presentations and other visual displays, and, above all, communicating with others to get important stuff done.

00:00 - Technical introduction
01:41 - Samantha Denneny's presentation (Agenda and APA Style Core Principles)
11:50 - Timothy McAdoo's presentation (What's the point? A few pointed questions)
25:09 - Chelsea Lee's presentation (Real-world applications of APA Style)
40:20 - Q&A

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