Wharton #BeyondBusiness: Redefining Corporate Governance

Wharton's Beyond Business series continues with "Redefining Corporate Governance," a discussion on the unprecedented challenges facing corporate boards in today's business and societal landscape.

Hosted by Dean Erika James as part of the Tarnopol Dean's Lecture Series, this event – which originally streamed live on the Wharton LinkedIn page –was the second of three Fall 2021 sessions on the topic of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG): http://whr.tn/beyondbusiness

Panelists included:
• ️Erika James, Dean, The Wharton School – host
• Mae McDonnell, Associate Prof. of Management, The Wharton School
• Luke Taylor, Associate Prof. of Finance, The Wharton School
• Brian Stafford (W'98), Chief Executive Officer, Diligent

Topics and questions covered:
00:00 - Introductions
2:01 - How boards are practicing crisis management in era of COVID-19 pandemic and social justice movement
6:15 - Best practices for boards to increase resilience during crises
9:39 - What governance means in the context of ESG investing
17:05 - New issues boards struggle with today due to pandemic
21:33 - How boards should address the hot-button topic of CEO compensation
28:16 - Expected trends for ESG investing moving forward
34:05 - How changes in board diversity are impacting performance
37:49 - Firms' transparency around board diversity
40:11 - Measures boards can take to manage political activities
42:32 - How can ESG investors create positive social impact?
46:50 - What types of diversity should a board strive for?
48:14 - What can women and minority executives do to bolster their candidacy?
50:31 - Incentives for boards to consider shareholder proposals
51:53 - Steps boards have taken to change culture during pandemic
54:50 - Potential new regulations from SEC
56:10 - What mechanisms could encourage migration of investments away from non-green companies?

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