Wendy Hunt on Structure (or How to Amplify Your Creativity) – Episode 040

Join Jennie for the “seeing things differently” episode where she chats with artist, illustrator, free-range thinker, musician and writer, Wendy Hunt. Wendy has a fascinating approach to amplifying creativity and lots of practical insights into having a multi-passionate online presence. Which makes sense because she currently works as a brand and graphic designer, helping other creatives do just that. In the episode, the ladies discuss:

· executive dysfunction and the symptoms of being undiagnosed ADHD
· why creatives have piles of stuff everywhere
· how to organize yourself if you’re squirrel-brained
· music as salvation
· asemic writing–a hybrid art form that fuses text and image into a unity, and then sets it free to arbitrary subjective interpretations.

This is the blog on asemic writing that Wendy references: http://thenewpostliterate.blogspot.com/

And here is the Facebook group:

Find Wendy on Instagram: @wendysuehunt or at her various websites:

She is also on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wendysuehunt/

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