Welcome to Tempus Resource 6.2 [Features, Overview, Enterprise Resource Management]

Samantha Varner, Customer Success Manager of Prosymmetry breaks down all the exciting new features that come with Tempus Resource 6.2. She covers Roadmap Management, Skills Matrix management, Timesheet, and overall user experience enhancements. Ready to upgrade to the newest version? Contact us today!

Release Notes: https://support.tempusresource.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411034343703-Version-6-2

0:00 Introduction
1:15 Upgrading to Version 6.2
3:15 General Updates & Enhancements
4:55 Project Management Landing Pages Settings
5:45 Skills Matrix Upgrades
8:25 MySkills Users
10:21 Timesheets Enhancements
11:55 Reporting Enhancements
13:00 Project Intake Workflow
13:56 Resource Request Workflow
14:52 Project Management UI Changes
18:07 Bulk Project Allocation Updates
21:57 Resource Replace, Resource Request, & Build Team
23:16 Roadmapping in Tempus Resource
34:00 Outro & Contact Info

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