Welcome Back: New Workplace Realities and the Evolved Manager

After the year we’ve all had, those words "welcome back" are great to hear. With vaccination rates increasing, and masks starting to come off, we’re all venturing into public spaces more often, and that includes workspaces – but what impact has this last year had on the office and how will those impacts challenge traditional managerial leadership? Today, we are joined by Brian Kropp, Group Vice President and Chief of HR Research at Gartner, in the hopes that he might prep us for these new changes in our workspaces, and explore how COVID-19 has changed the way we manage. Here, he explains:

- How the pandemic accelerated workplace changes;
- Why management styles are changing;
- What skills are critical for becoming a more evolved manager; and
- The role of empathy in the workplace!

The ProjectHR Podcast: Season 2, Episode 30
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