Weekly Trading Recap: NU, NC. UJ, SILVER, US30, US100 Nov 14th 2021

Hello everyone:

I have been getting some hating and trolling comments/messages from some people on my recent trading result. Sure I can admit last month and this month so far haven't had some good results, and I am not hiding away from that. But I am well aware of how trading is in terms of consistency and sustainability. I have been journaling and making trade recap on my trade results which I share publicly, honestly and transparently, so not worry about one losing month or 2. Overall the year is certainly up and profitable, so it's during these periods of drawdowns and losing months we need to be extra cautious and don't fall into the trading psychological mistakes.

Do not revenge trade, over leverage, over risk and end up blowing accounts. My sincere feedback to traders out there who are struggling. Don't let social media fool you on how trading is. You will never know if those scammers or fake gurus trade real, live $ accounts, or just show you demo account profits. You will never know whether they take losses or not because they won't show you those to sell you a dream.

All consistent, professional traders will take losses, it's how we control our emotion, mindset and continue to let the probability play out in our favour for long terms.

NZDUSD: Out for +0.5% profit
Full analysis/forecast:

NZDCHF: Out for +0.5% profit
Full analysis/forecast:

SILVER: Out for BE
Full analysis/forecast:

USDJPY: Out for BE
Full analysis/forecast:

USDCAD: Out for -1% loss
Full analysis/forecast:

NASDAQ: Out for -1% loss
Full analysis/forecast:

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