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Webseters is all almost comfort and gives you with an easy working environment. The easy-to-operate Client interface of the Webseter framework will let you've got moment get to to all of the highlights of the Webseters framework.
With the new advanced features of the #Odoo15sales Module, you can easily carry out any sales-related operations in your business. The sales module will be an effective tool for your Sales team.

Webseters sales module works hand in hand with the CRM module allowing your sales team to manage customer relations more efficiently. With the advanced features of the CRM module, you can easily generate leads and the sales module will let your sales team know of the leads so that they can work on the leads to change them into possible customers.

The highly integrated nature of the Webseters system, allows you to have maximum accessibility on your system. #websetersfunctional #webseterstutorial

Webseters is faster and much more reliable allowing you to manage and analyze intricate business data efficiently and effortlessly. Understanding complex business in depth can help you plan the future of your business. This is where the new advanced features of the Webseters Sales module come into play. #webseters enterprise

Data management in the sales module is easy. As the sales sector depends completely on an explicit analysis of the Sales data and reports. Webseters provides you with explicit data from the customer data to the inventory reports for your sales team every time a new update is made in any module that is essential for managing the sales procedures.
The feature is essential for your sales teams, it will allow them to access the other modules instantly and plan them and provide customer services as requirements are quick as possible.

For example, if a customer asks for a product at a desirable quantity your sales team can directly access the inventory module to check for the product and plan the sales accordingly. An efficient sales management system is necessary for the growth of your business.

The Webseters ERP can manage Purchases, Invoices, Inventory, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and the complete aspects of a business.

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