WEBINAR: Using Tech for Impact Management - with Unmesh Sheth and Veronica Olazabal

Impact measurement and management (IMM) is rapidly increasing in recognition. Its use case spans from selecting the most impactful projects to raising impact capital and fighting greenwashing, to only name a few. However, organisations of all sizes are struggling to implement impact management at scale and across functions/departments.

Efficient aggregation of impact data and decision making requires supportive tools. While more and more tools are being developed to support IMM, yet there remain challenges in how to make technology support the different steps of an organization's IMM cycle, from stakeholder engagement to reporting.

So, what is the role tech can play to make real impact management feasible? How should you identify appropriate technological solutions and what should you consider when implementing it in your work? On this topic, we warmly welcome:

1. Veronica Olazabal (Managing Director, Measurement, Evaluation and Organizational Performance, The Rockefeller Foundation)
2. Unmesh Sheth (CEO, SoPact)

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