Webinar | Unpacking diabetes and the heart: Latest risk and management strategies | Heart Foundation

Hosted live on 28 July 2022 in partnership with the World Heart Federation and the Australian Diabetes Society, this webinar explores the latest evidence on CVD and diabetes, including the link between CVD risk and diabetes, as well as pharmacological strategies for the prevention of the two conditions.

Chaired by Professor Garry Jennings, an expert panel including Professor Rod Jackson (NZ) and Australian leading experts discusses:

✔️ How to stratify CVD risk within a diabetes cohort – who is at highest risk?
✔️ Updates on diabetes pharmacological therapies and their cardiovascular benefits
✔️ The fourth pillar of heart failure management – how are diabetes medicines used to treat heart failure
✔️ Practical advice on motivational and behavioural strategies to support improvements in CVD risk factor management

For practical CVD risk assessment and management tools, visit our Heart Health Check Toolkit: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au/bundles/heart-health-check-toolkit
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