Webinar | Time Saving Tips and Tricks to Optimise Structural Design with ClearCalcs | US |

ClearCalcs is full of time-saving tips, tricks, and tools that help engineers save precious time in their design projects.


Whether you’re a senior structural lead looking to get your project more organized, your team learning and delivering projects faster, or just learn more about designing with different materials or complying to different building codes, our product experts will show you how you can use ClearCalcs features to fit perfectly into your design workflow.

We'll show you how to link your loads to track your load path dynamically, swap material to offer your client multiple selections without increasing your workload, or create sheet groups to stay organized - in short, ClearCalcs will help you save more and time stay more organized than ever before!

In this webinar, we will cover:
- Quick touch on load linking
- Duplicate & swap material workflow
- Creating and organizing sheet groups
- Setting up template projects for common designs
- Common formulas to be used in Input Fields

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