Webinar: The International Consensus on Type 2 Diabetes Remission (11/16/21)

In August 2021, a group of international diabetes experts released a groundbreaking consensus statement defining diabetes remission. The group included representatives from around the world, including from the American Diabetes Association® (ADA), the Endocrine Society, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, and Diabetes UK.

The efforts to better define diabetes remission comes on the heels of heightened focus on diabetes remission. That’s because achieving diabetes remission holds enormous value for payers and patients alike. It also represents a completely different treatment outcome compared to traditional forms of diabetes management, which focus on blood glucose control through high-cost medications.

There are multiple well-known clinical strategies for achieving diabetes remission, ranging from bariatric surgery, to calorie restriction, to low carbohydrate diets. In this webinar, we address these specific interventions, as well as broader topics around the definition and need for increased focus and investment in diabetes remission.
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