Webinar - "Take Advantage of Five before Five: 'GRACE tasks' in ITSM" - part 2

Speaker: N.S.M. Shahul Hameed

In this presentation, the audience will be motivated to look into valuable steps in Governance, Risk, Advancement, Compliance and Excellence of Operations and Service Management of IT.  (called GRACE tasks as I have coined).  During the one hour presentation, we will be focusing on the benefits of implementing controls for Governance of IT in line with the Business Objectives, Risk Management mainly focusing on the Operational Risk and Business Continuity, Advisable advancement areas of concern with a programmed approach, Compliance to regulatory demands and the organization wide accepted standards and policies; and Operational excellence of the IT Service management providing effective and efficient service quality.

More details: http://www.eaitsm.org/ver_en/events_details.php?id=85&mopen=16
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