Webinar: Reducing Cost and Risk of Effective Compliance in Multi-Tool Ecosystem

Watch the entire webinar for free: https://www.opshub.com/webinars/reducing-cost-and-risk-of-effective-compliance-in-multi-tool-ecosystem

Compliance and traceability of requirements to tests and risk information requirements are critical for organizations developing complex products. In addition, meeting governmental requirements in various industries for the safety and efficacy of products is the top priority. Therefore, modern delivery cadence demands an agile ecosystem of tools that offer better traceability, governance, and collaboration.

This webinar demonstrates how you can leverage Jama Connect effectively in a multi-tool environment, resulting in better governance and compliance. Find out how you can integrate Jama Connect with best-of-breed tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, Micro Focus ALM for end-to-end visibility and enhanced collaboration.
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