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Register for the webinar - https://www.issquaredinc.com/identity-access-and-governance-webinar-demo

Business is all about relationships, whether it is with employees, customers/clients, or partners. Productivity is improved when you provide instant and frictionless access to the digital resources they need to get the job done. However, securely granting access and having more granular-level visibility into what users have access to, are more challenging issues as far as governance, risk, and compliance is concerned.

The purpose of a modern identity and access management in any enterprise IT Infrastructure is to define and manage user roles and their access privileges to the cloud and on-premises applications and IT systems across different networks. No enhancements can deny serving the same principle but promise to ensure better security, cost and operational efficiency, and many more add-ons features than previous models.

Join us for this webinar and learn step-by-step how ISSQUARED’s ORSUS™ Identity Access and Governance (IAG) can help strengthen your organization’s security and compliance posture by providing a secure, autonomous, and modern platform to manage digital identities and their access to disparate applications.

We demonstrate how you can:
a) Get a single strategic solution to address all your identity and access needs
b) Automate key IAM functions like identity lifecycle, provisioning & de-provisioning, password resets, etc.
c) Consolidate the self-service capabilities that are required for improved productivity and user experience.
d) Meet security and compliance needs with a robust set of governance controls
e) Enable advanced identity intelligence and actionable dashboards

Register for the webinar - https://www.issquaredinc.com/identity-access-and-governance-webinar-demo

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