Webinar on The State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Governance & Operations Act, 2023 by CEE IBA Karachi

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) rank among the world’s largest companies in the world and have a potentially critical role to play in economic growth and development. SOEs are in a unique position to drive economic growth given their size, mission, and strategic objectives.

SOEs are in many developing economies (including Pakistan) the sole providers of key public services, such as Water, Energy, and Oil & Gas. Ensuring that they are competitive and efficient is therefore crucial for economic development, public service delivery, and the downstream competitiveness of the broader enterprise sector.

When governed transparently and efficiently, SOEs can correct market failures, improve public service delivery and even play a role in creating fairer, more competitive markets. However, SOEs need to establish strong governance practices to maximize their contributions to development.

SOEs in Pakistan have played a pivotal role since independence. With the new Act in place in 2023 – hear from our expert panel on the way forward for the SOEs in Pakistan.
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