Webinar on "Nanoengineering—Future for Sustainable World"

The world has seen unprecedented growth in the past few decades, but this growth has mainly been unsustainable. The development of renewable energy systems is crucial for both academic institutions and industries to move towards a sustainable society, one that can tackle future energy demands and related environmental issues.

We know that we have a responsibility to preserve our planet and use it wisely—and that's why sustainability is so important.

We are excited to announce that Akal University is organizing a webinar on "Nanoengineering—Future for Sustainable World on May 6, 2022, at 11:30 AM IST on Akal University's Youtube Channel: https://youtube.com/AkalUniversityTS.

The speaker will be Dr. Gurpreet Singh Selopal, Centre Énergie Materiaux Télecommunications (INRS-EMT), Lionel Boulet, Varennes (QC), Canada, and the moderator will be Prof. BirBikram Singh, HOD Physics.

To that end, the webinar will focus on discussing the application of newly engineered alloyed core/shell QDs for sustainable energy conversion technologies and future directions for research in this area. We hope you'll join us for this fascinating session on behalf of all of us at Akal University!
Please register at: https://forms.gle/hLpP9WkzAyZaGjGRA
E-certificate will be provided to all the registered participants.
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