Webinar: How to Find Your Dealerships Next Marketplace to List, Advertise and Acquire Vehicles

With the recent changes at Facebook Marketplace and changing buyer preferences, dealers need to have a marketplace strategy in place. Today, dealers have the perfect opportunity to reach modern car shoppers where they are already spending 38% of their waking hours (averaging 5.4 hours per day). In fact, dealers leveraging Horizontal Marketplaces are selling 2x more vehicles, acquiring used inventory and trade-ins, and have the ability to advertise vehicles to millions of car shoppers all within a single app.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to set your marketplace strategy, the steps you can take right now to convert more car buyers, obtain more vehicles for your dealerships, and how you can minimize Facebook Marketplace's recent changes on your dealership.


Key Takeaways:
- Establish a brand on horizontal marketplaces that sticks with consumers until they are ready to purchase their next vehicle
- Test vehicle acquisition strategies from private sellers directly on horizontal marketplaces
- Integrate horizontal marketplaces into your daily operations
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