Webinar: Discover How You Can Accelerate Identity Governance Modernization

Cyberattacks are becoming more targeted and frequent, and security breaches are ubiquitous, especially due to the pandemic, with the digital dislocation caused by lockdowns and accelerated growth of remote working. According to the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA)’s study Identity Security: A Work in Progress, 94% of organizations have experienced a data breach, and 79% were breached in the last two years. 44% of security professionals believe that they can address their security gaps through an identity and access management solution.

Having helped many organizations over the years in the security space, ISSQUARED has developed its autonomous identity solution to address the challenges of traditional IAM/IAG platforms.

ISSQUARED’s ORSUS Identity Access and Governance (IAG) is a next-generation Identity, Access and Security Management platform that manages digital identities and their access rights across multiple directory systems and business applications.

Within a single platform, you can meet all the IAM demands of today's digital landscape, including identity life cycle, entitlement management, access requests, certifications, group and role management, policy management, workflows, auditing, and reports & analytics.

In this webinar, you can learn:

a) How ORSUS IAG has created a framework of best practices to streamline IAM/IAG use cases?
b) How this platform can help organizations increase operational efficiency and cut down costs?
c) Why is it flexible to adapt, powerful, and easy to use & customize?
d) How you can connect, provision, and audit systems and applications?
e) How to establish more granular controls for adherence to regulatory compliance?

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