Webinar: Disaster Recovery - Huawei 3DC DR Star Solution

Mohmmad Kasim, Huawei professional with over 18 years of experience and double HCIE (Storage and Cloud) was the host of this live session.

The Huawei 3DC DR Star solution is a geo-redundant disaster recovery solution. No matter which data center fails, the 3DC solution is designed to achieve RPO~=0, with intra-city & intercity remote DR centers ensuring data protection, reliability & availability against natural disasters.

Huawei DR Star 3DC solution supports one-click disaster tolerance drills and switching to simplify disaster business management, and also manages automatic/manual switching of asynchronous replication links. Huawei 3DC will automatically recover the intact data from the intra-city disaster.

Watch the webinar to understand more about the disaster recovery solution, planning & design of Huawei 3DC DR Star and best O&M practices.

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