Webinar: CMI: Management & Leadership Development

On December 2, Head of International CMI Zain Munir speaks to our learners about the CMI, how they have helped them through their career journey, and the resources and benefits a subscriber receives.

During the webinar, Zain explores:

- Management Direct and how it can help with their studies
- Career Development Centre - how it can help improve their employability skills
- Online coaching and mentoring service

Additionally, Zain also shares his own experience of how CMI has helped him on his career journey. He's completed a CMI Level 5 qualification, is a Charted Manager, and is a Fellow of CMI.

Nexford is a recognized member of the Chartered Management Institute. CMI is a chartered membership body dedicated to professional managers and leaders. It is the only chartered body in the UK that awards management and leadership qualifications. Nexford's MBA is recognized by CMI.

Currently there are roughly 12,000 Chartered Managers globally, of which 75% reported a pay increase or promotion following their qualification. Secure your raise by having your Nexford MBA recognized by CMI.

Nexford’s partnership with CMI enables our learners to subscribe to become members of CMI, and to receive a certificate of recognition. By joining CMI you will get the following benefits: 

More details about CMI: https://www.nexford.org/career/cmi

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