Webinar - Charting a Course to a Digital Substation Part 2

DNP3 and IEC 61850 are two widely used communication protocols in the electrical power industry. While both protocols serve similar purposes, they have distinct differences in their design, implementation, and capabilities.

DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol 3) is a communication protocol used for vertical SCADA communication, typically used from a control center through a data concentrator to various types of data acquisition and control equipment. It provides control of process equipment and event-driven data acquisition with quality flags.

The IEC 61850 standard similarly includes a vertical SCADA protocol, based on MMS, and expands its scope with the following:

A semantic data model
An integrated engineering process based on XML files for system design
High-speed GOOSE messaging to replace control wiring between IEDs
Sampled Measured Value messaging to replace the wiring of analog data and eliminate redundant sensors such as CTs and PTs

This 3-part webinar series will cover the following:

Review of the similarities and differences between DNP3 and IEC 61850 at both a protocol and functional level
Demonstrations of both IEC 61850 and DNP3 in action using real-world examples
Introduction to the top-down IEC 61850 engineering process
Review of strategies for migration and integration of IEC 61850 into a DNP3-based system

Part 2 - IEC 61850 SCL and the Engineering Process

What you will learn:

Introduction to the Top-Down IEC 61850 Engineering Process
Review recent and upcoming extensions to the IEC 61850 standard
A detailed look at the recently enhanced “Specification Stage” of the Engineering Process, including:
Specification independent of devices
Defining detailed data requirements
Defining protection and control schemes
Simulation and validation of design during the specification stage
Best practices when creating SCD files
Live demonstration of concepts using a simulated IEC 61850 substation
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