Webinar - CAPEX projects and layout changes with Critical Chain

Factories must often modify their layouts, install a big new machine, install entire new production lines to improve their flow of parts or modernize their facilities. Modifying a plant layout or leading an important CAPEX project requires strong project management skills. The cost and disturbance of finishing late are significant and quite easy to calculate (lost sales).

These sorts of projects are often a challenge. Installing or moving big heavy machines with the associated civil works. Coordination of many departments (Engineering, Production, Purchasing, Methods, Supply Chain). Many subcontractors are often involved. There are often space and co-activity constraints (2 tasks that cannot be done at the same time). And, of course, top management wants it all done very quickly.

There is often a huge gap between the first estimates of how long this kind of project should take according to the project manager, and how long the company can afford. During such projects, production must often be stopped, while clients continue to be supplied. So, the products must be stored in advance when it is possible, and the longer the layout modification (or CAPEX Project), the higher the costs and loss of revenue for the company.

So there is pressure to minimize the duration of such projects. There is no room for improvisation.

Marris Consulting helps industrial companies involved in such projects to prepare and execute them. We get them done faster and we get them finished on time. To do so, we rely on a proven project management approach called “Critical Chain Project Management” (CCPM) derived from the Theory of Constraints framework.

In this webinar, Philip Marris, who has more than 30 years of experience in the use of Theory of Constraints (TOC) with more than 280 companies all over the world, presented the essential characteristics of the CCPM approach and several practical examples taken from Marris Consulting's assignments (pharmaceutical production CAPEX production investment, aeronautics factory major layout change, a significant CAPEX project in the mining industry, etc.).

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