Webinar "Cal+10 and the future of renewable energy risk management"

EEX trading participants are now able to hedge their price risk from PPA contracts up to 10 years ahead on the German, Italian and Spanish power markets, while mitigating their counterparty risk through the clearing house. During the webinar we will discuss what the introduction of Cal+10 means for the market, take a closer look at hedging renewable asset risk on the exchange, and of course, answer your questions.

The speakers are: Viviana Ciancibello, Senior Business Developer at EEX and Dr Arne Weber, Head of Origination at Aquila Capital.

What you can expect from the session:
• Overview of long-term hedging of renewable energy on EEX
• An update on the recent launch of 10 year power futures for Germany, Spain and Italy
• Insight from industry veteran Arne Weber on the role and benefits of exchange trading for PPA risk management
• Q&A session
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