[WEBINAR] A Journey from Founder to CEO

Everyone has his/her own dreams, but how many people have the bravery to make their dreams come true? Dream-makers who are entrepreneurs believe that their ideas could skyrocket by creating a startup. They are successful at the first step by founding their own startups. However, the risky reality when it comes to startups is that they’re vulnerable to risk and likely more than we would imagine. On the bright side, 10% of startups are successful each year and know what it takes to survive the odds of failing. About 1% of startups evolve into a unicorn startup.

How about the rest? According to reliable international studies and surveys, about 90% of startups fail and 10% of startups fail within the first year. Across all industries, startup failure rates seem to be close to the same. Anyways, there’s good news, founders who have failed previously have a 20% chance of success while first time founders just have an 18% chance of success. So what can we do to build up successful startups and raise up the ratio of successful startups and unicorn startups? The most valuable thing you can do as a founder is recognizing your downfalls beforehand and learning from other businesses’ failures. Apply this knowledge to starting your own startup.

Professions was lucky to have valuable consulting from Dr. Bao Hoang, and we would like to share this with more young entrepreneurs who are passionate about startups by organizing a zoom webinar with the theme “A Journey from Founder to CEO”. Coming to this webinar, you are returned from a founder to a student who will be reached new heights of business knowledge by the in-depth knowledge of our key speaker - Dr. Bao Hoang. We do not guarantee to successfully take you from a Founder to a CEO who is in 10% of brilliant startups, but guide you to the path to CEO's success with both hands.

The webinar will be hosted by Professions Vietnam
Date and Time: 09:00 - 10:00, Tuesday, December 28th, 2021
Venue: online via Zoom Meeting
Key Speaker: Dr. Bao Hoang
Language: English

Dr. Bao Hoang is currently an Assistant Professor of Management at Rankin College of Business, Southern Arkansas University in the United States (U.S.). He teaches Strategic Management and International Business for undergraduate and graduate students. His research focuses on New Ventures, Founder CEOs, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Education, and International Entrepreneurship. His studies have been presented in different regional and national conferences in Management in the U.S. Some of them are also published in international journal. He is a member of Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, and Southern Management Association. Besides his academic activities, he has been doing consulting for entrepreneurs and business owners. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City, Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi, and Doctor of Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University

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