Webinar 22. How can firms improve their Organization Development (OD) practices?

Date: February 25, 2022 (Fri) from 12pm to 1pm (Eastern Time)
Presenter: Fahad Alshawan
Registration Link: http://pennstateodcwebinar.eventbrite.com

We live in a rapidly changing world due to technological advancements and globalization. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic impact, the world is changing at a faster pace, affecting businesses all over the world. This highlights the significance of firms improving their ability to adapt effectively in a changing environment. As a result, OD practices are increasingly being used to help organizations thrive in this rapidly changing world. This webinar will provide guidance to help leaders and OD practitioners improve the OD processes in their organizations.

About the presenter
Fahad Alshawan is a Ph.D. candidate at Penn State University's workforce education and development program, specializing in Organization Development and Change. During his 15-year career, Fahad has worked in entrepreneurship, education, and management consulting field. He has spent the last five years focusing on Organization Development consulting. He helped several organizations in the United States and Saudi Arabia. He provides organizations with knowledge, tools, and workshops to help them convert into agile organizations to keep competing in a changing world.
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