Weasels With weapons of War in My EAR Wonder What They Want Me to Hear, Oh Dear

What Do You Think They ENGINEERED this Whole FAK3ASSPLVNDEMlC For? Your Environment Is Contaminated with NANOTECH that is in place for BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION

Note the fibrous web in many of my videos. These people are in the pain management business causing everything from back pain, sinus issues to heart attacks. There has been a smug class of eccentric homosexual weirdos overseeing this pain management system (is your psoriasis acting up yet? if not we'll poison you some more) and they just recruited a new layer of smug fucks during this fake ass pandemic which is induced/fabricated by their nanotech
These individuals  who they call gangstalker are given a purview that is confidential and virtualbottomless budget   (and I say virtual because I witnessed their resources in flux) to do whatever they want with and the very nature of their activity is treasonous, but moreover sophomoric and even adolescent. The program is that of a child so I suppose they are just following script, however, the childlike behavior and impish antics are designed to make someone go mad. When you are dealing with an entity that has access to all your senses and can cause an unprepared and unaware subject such inconvenience and pain, apparently perfected over many years,  one can easily be made to feel helpless and defeated.  It's no wonder these individuals value their privac-- secrecy whilst eavesdropping on the minds and hearts of unwitting American citizens. The people who operate this system have become everything it encompasses:WEASELS
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