We help SMBs and Large enterprise companies in operation excellence,

I am fortunate enough to hold multiple roles. I have built a broad base of experience in sales, recruiting/recruitment, software development, project management, and service delivery, which enables me to be instrumental in making Cloud 7 tech a trusted supplier for IT Play a key role in providing resources and technical services to businesses around the world. With rapid technological advancement and a widening IT skills gap, organizations large and small face the ongoing challenge of attracting and retaining diverse talent to meet and manage their long-term and external technology needs. Our focus is to use a consultative approach to understand each client's business challenges from a resource and technical perspective.

I’m very motivated to provide my services for your job and assist you in making your project successful.
I enjoy learning and using new technologies to make sure I can always offer clients the best solutions!
Let's get in touch for discussing work and clarifying details and hopefully get started.

I also have experience with page speed optimization, SEO, Google Analytics, and integrating these with WordPress to make sure your shop is operating a peak performance when it comes to Shopify/Wix and WordPress, there is no problem I can't handle, I have worked with many mid to large size companies with high traffic websites, so I have the experience necessary to manage your site and making it run smoothly no matter how many users hit your shop.

I work with diligence and precision to make long-term solutions, in one to two weeks' time and actively communicate each step of the way. I would be more than happy to offer you my services, so feel to contact me for an interview
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