Watchword for 2022 - Positivity

Organizations must make an even more concerted effort to be so in the early months of this year to avoid a Crisis PR event. Here's why.

Ask most managers and executives how to define Crisis Communications, and they usually envision an impromptu press conference outside their office doors with an endless crowd of reporters, cameras, and microphones. Everyone shouts questions at once, demanding immediate answers to accusations of wrongdoing by them or someone on their team.

Well, yeah, that does happen, but there’s more to it.

Most Crisis Communications events originate outside traditional media circles. Therein lies the problem. Many companies fail to see the unflattering blog article or angry social media post talking about a supervisor's improper remarks until weeks, if not months, later. However, these stories can generate as much disruption – if not more – to operations than something that comes from the local “I-Team” television segment.

Online comments can fester for long periods. Individuals who troll along the “interwebs” will click on such posts and share with others, often adding poorly-crafted but emotional commentary.

If unchecked, that content can get popular enough to catch the eye of Google. The next thing you know, the information ranks highly on search findings when interested parties look you up…

…and just like that, your organization's reputation is up a big, stinky creek with nothing close to a paddle in sight.

Like it or not, most individuals no longer see traditional news outlets as their primary source for information. They may look at them, at best, as one of many authorities. Friends, influential bloggers, and the organizations themselves often play that lead role with greater credibility, depending on the audience.

That means any organization of any size can go from “Hero” to “Zero” in an Instagram post, and not just from a sensational exposé in the local paper or six o’clock news. In essence, Crisis Communications covers any event in the public domain that disrupts operations, damages an organization’s brand, impacts revenue, or jeopardizes cash flow.

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