Waste Management Challenge | How to Replace 5 Items to avoid waste Zoom with GS Kumar

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5 Waste Management Business Ideas - Future इसका है | Waste Management Training Courses की भी जानकारी

Waste Management: Why 500 Crores for waste? | Waste management in Tamil | Bio medical waste

How to start New Business in Waste Management

शुरू करे ई-कचरा रीसाइक्लिंग व्यवसाय || Start E-Waste

Hi there! Welcome to my Channel https://www.youtube.com/gskumar

Here’s what you need to know – I use this channel to explore around I’m starting the 1st season of my Business Interview series called ‘Zoom with GS Kumar ’.

I’d like to talk to Coach, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs about specific strategies that they use to grow their business.

The session will create Visibility in YouTube for your Personal Branding. Inviting you to talk about your Business / Services you offer / promotion strategies/ Tips and suggestions for budding entrepreneurs.

I believe this will help the audience to understand how to grow their business and motivate them.

I expect to have a 30 - 60 mins video conversation in Zoom Meeting I am planning to publish this in multiple ways: 1. Video on my YouTube channel ( 580 Subscribers ) 2. Video on my Facebook Page (2,000+ Followers ) 3. Inclusion in my LinkedIn newsletter ( 10,000+ followers ) You can find topics related to Business Ideas from various Entrepreneurs You can find me:
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