Washington Commanders Quarterback Landscape (Feat. ESPN’s John Keim) | Take Command

On this episode of Take Command, Logan and Craig are joined by John Keim of ESPN to discuss the Washington Commanders post-draft outlook. In this segment, they discuss the Commanders commitment to Sam Howell and why the starting quarterback position will be his job to lose in training camp.

They also discuss what improved production from the quarterback position could mean for the Commanders in general, why Eric Bieniemy is an unknown but potentially massive addition, and how the defense has been a forgotten factor in many experts offseason evaluations. Tune In!

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0:00 - 6:28 Commanders “All-In” On Sam Howell?
6:28 - 12:25 Was Brissett The Best Available QB?
12:25 - 18:12 Commanders Too Indecisive Last Season?
18:12 - 29:45 How Good Is Washington With Better QB Play?
29:45 - 36:34 Defense Is A Forgotten Factor
36:34 - 43:11 Commanders Not Credited For Internal Improvement
43:11 What To Watch For Before Training Camp

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