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Warriors rumors are presented by Birddogs! Go to https://www.birddogs.com and enter promo code CHAT at checkout to receive a free Yeti style tumbler with your order! Experience the comfort of Birddogs shorts & pants now! Bob Myers has officially stepped down as the General Manager of the the Golden State Warriors. Chase Senior breaks down the reactions from Myers, Joe Lacob, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and more. Plus, is Draymond Green leaving the Warriors now that Myers is gone?

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Bob Myers on why he’s leaving:
You can't make it to a day like this anymore without everyone knowing what you have to say. This is tough. This is hard. I have so many different things, emotions, that I'm still processing, but the bottom line is -- this job, the one I'm in and I would say this for any professional general manager or coach requires complete engagement. Complete effort. 1,000 percent. If you can't do it, then you shouldn't do it.

Bob Myers on why he’s leaving:
I can't do that to our players. I can't do that to Joe [Lacob, Warriors majority owner], I really can't do it to myself. And that's the question I have been wrestling with ... I've only known how to do things one way my whole life and that's all the way.

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Bob Myers:
We haven't gotten everything right. I did got yelled at a few times about we didn't sign a big man at the buyout. It's not as easy as everyone thinks. We do love big guys contrary to popular belief. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your passion. Understanding that we are human.

Bob Myers on Mike Dunleavy Jr.:
Mike’s great. He’ll (be) good as a GM, if he wants it. It will be great, if that’s what he wants. But it’s his call. It’s Joe’s call. It’s not my call…But he’s really good, and he would be fantastic if that’s a choice. But I’d be lying if I thought, four years ago, let’s bring in Mike and he can assume this thing. I told him, if that’s what he wants, then I’m fully supportive. I said I’ll help with Draymond if he needs it.

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Steph Curry on Bob Myers:
Before the trophies and the memories over this run. I Remember I told you ‘you better get it right!’ And you did. The GM role was great and you did your thing, but Forever grateful for you as a friend forever. Changed each other’s lives! Enjoy the next chapter my guy. Thank you Bob!

Bob Myers on Kevin Durant:
Durant called me today. He was in Monaco. What he did for us, showing up here, knowing what he would hear about when he made that decision; for him to have that courage.

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