Want to Master the skill Mehndi? know all about Mehndi 2022

What qualification did you require starting a career in Mehndi?
There are two types of classes available in the market to learn Mehndi skills. One is private classes, and another one is diploma courses.

If you go to private classes, no need for any qualifications to learn Mehndi skills. But if you go for a diploma course from any recognized institute, minimum class+10 or +12 required. No qualifications required to become a Mehndi artist.

Which types of skill required learning Mehndi skill??

And the answer is normally no qualification required to learn this skill. But you have some basic skills of creativity and some patience to learn this skill.

You have a creative ability to mix and match designs and create new designs. Another thing is you have to work.

You have some quality to become a Mehndi artist. To become an artist, one should have creative skills.

mehndi artist
There are lots of variations in designs. So Mehndi artist has creative ideas according to client choice and occasion. Another skill required to learn is patience. Very much patience required to learn Mehndi skill and how to apply henna on someone’s hands.

There are lots of creative work. Besides this, one should have people handling skills, communication skills, marketing skills, social media management skills, presentation, and imagination skills required.

You can learn it online. You can learn it from YouTube videos too.

There is some drawback of learning online. One is no personal teacher who can guide you and tell your mistakes. In which area, you need improvement.

online learning vs offline learning Mehndi skill
Online learning Offline learning
free or low cost High fees compared to online
Time convenience less or no time convenience
Lack of personal guidance Get personal guidance
No personal attention Get personal attention
Learn mehndi online vs offline

So if you are serious about your career, join any class for beginner level.

In self-learning from YouTube or any other place, you have lots of self-commitment and discipline.

Mehndi Courses in India
There are many private classes to teach Mehndi as well as institutes are there for learning skill. Their modules are different from each other.

They teach Indian Mehndi, Arabic, Indo-western floral, mandala, tattoo, bridal, etc. They have many courses from beginner level to advance level or professional level. Now many companies started to teach it online. Some institute offers a diploma course in Mehndi.

Time duration to learn Mehndi skill
There is no perfects time duration to learn the Mehndi skill. It differs from person to person as the learning power of everyone is different.

If you do regular practice, it seems that in one or two months you can learn basic Mehndi skills. But if you want to learn to draw figures like dulha dulhan etc it takes much time to learn.

It depends on the person how much he/she grasps. Normally Mehndi classes’ duration is for 2 to 3 months.

Courses fee for to learn Mehndi skill
There are lots of variation seen in fees everywhere There are no fixed rate of fees. But every professional artist takes charge according to their knowledge, experience, and brand name. In the popular institutes, charges start from 5000 to 25000rs.

Basic Material required learning Mehndi skill
If you want to learn it online or offline, it is fine to learn it. For learning Mehndi skill you required some basic materials like. Make a kit of your things and put it all in one bag so never your things misplaced.


One big drawing book with butter paper
Pencil, sharpener, Earesar, scale, and pad
cello tape with cello tape stand
Mehndi Cone and rough piece of cloth
You can see YouTube videos and try to learn to draw different elements.

There are many apps available in app store. You can download any app regarding it and learn the skill.

Start draw with a small frill. Try to draw as small as you can draw.

Try to do neat and clean work from starting. Start with a light draw.

You can practice with Mehndi cone too. Some basic elements you can do with Cone, But when you start learning elements like bride and groom faces, peacock, etc, It is advisable to practice it with pencil first.

How to draw perfect hand picture in book?
You can take any old x-ray, draw a nice hand on it and cut in hand shape. Now your dummy hand is ready to draw hand in book. You can make it for the leg as well.

You can practice in rough page every element. When you are able to draw perfect drawing, make it in your fair book.

You can do with Mehndi cone too in your book. After doing with Mehndi it is advisable to paste transparent tape on your work so that your work will remain long lasting.

In future if you start your class, you can show it to your student.

You can also show your work to your client when they want to show your work.
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