VSO Consulting - Green by Iceland GreenTech Partner

VSO Consulting offers comprehensive solutions in sustainable design. We have at our disposal consultants that have vast experience and knowledge regarding all environmental aspects of building design, construction and planning. We have expertise in climate change and its impacts on structural behavior to ensure structural resiliency in a changing climate. We are experienced in eco-certification schemes such as BREEAM and the Nordic Swan, among others. We actively use life cycle assessments within our projects to select eco-friendly materials that minimize carbon footprints and other environmental impacts. Energy consumption is paramount to sustainability; therefore, we simulate the energy systems we design in dynamic software to ensure optimal use and to minimize energy consumption. To ensure that our designs are in fact optimal and that design criteria and energy calculations are consistent, we carry out airtightness tests at building sites.

We also conduct life cycle assessments on building materials, products and services to assess overall environmental impacts and to help reduce ecological footprints by assessing various solutions. We carry out life cycle costing to assess project lifetime costs and provide consultation, as necessary. We provide project management during design and construction periods. We also provide advice on waste management planning and implementation, to ensure that waste management is in compliance with current laws and regulations and meets the government's future goals. We have consultants that provide advice on transitioning the transport sector to clean energy, the organization of charging stations and other necessary infrastructure related to the transition to clean energy.

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