VS Code for XAML and C# Devs

Who said VS Code is only for Web devs?! The open-source Uno Platform enables XAML and C# single-codebase apps to run on Web, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. Uno Platforms VS Code plugin provides Intelisense-like environment with things like XAML and C# completion, Hot Reload and more. You can now develop a XAML and C# app, using WinUI by using this plugin. Come learn what the Uno Platform is all about!

Jump to:
00:16 Welcome to the VS Code Livestream
01:03 Welcome Jerome Laban
02:13 Intro to Uno Platform
05:35 Demo
21:10 Viewer Q&A begins
45:28 Learn more

Learn more:
Uno Platform: https://platform.uno
VS Code addin: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=unoplatform.vscode
Uno Gallery: https://gallery.platform.uno
Uno Calculator: https://calculator.platform.uno
Uno for Figma: https://platform.uno/unofigma/

Burke https://twitter.com/burkeholland
Jerome https://twitter.com/jlaban
VS Code https://twitter.com/code
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