Volunteer Management:A Strategy to Help Your Organisation Succeed–Opening Remarks by Dr Fermin Diez

At the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) Capability Circles Webinar themed ‘The Case for Volunteer Management Capability Development: A Strategy to Help Your Organisation Succeed’, leaders from NCSS, Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) and Bizlink Centre Singapore shared about how Volunteer Management is a key strategy in unlocking valuable assets and optimising resources to meet strategic outcomes of the organisation.

It is crucial to have board and senior management leadership buy in to catalyse the #heartwork by our volunteer managers to drive sustained volunteerism. This session’s recordings is in four sections: Opening Remarks by Dr Fermin Diez, SOS Sharing by Mr Gasper Tan, Bizlink Sharing by Ms Ang Li May, a Panel Discussion and a Sharing by Ms Priscilla Gan.

To find out more about Volunteer Management Capability Development, email the NCSS Volunteer Resource Optimisation Team: [email protected]
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