Volunteer Management Maturity Matrix (VMM Matrix)

The Volunteer Management Maturity Matrix (VMM Matrix) is a digital self-assessment tool which allows your agency to ascertain your strengths and gaps in volunteer management practices, and receive recommendations to better strategically plan and deploy volunteers. The VMM Matrix will also provide your agency with sectoral benchmarks of the robustness of volunteer management practices.

This recording is from the VMM Matrix webinar, which covered the strategic importance of having robust volunteer management practices, and how you can use the VMM Matrix to strengthen volunteer management in your agency! The webinar included a sharing by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Hope Community Services, Pastor Andrew Khoo, about the “Importance of Volunteer Management and How It Can Catalyse The Strategic Plan of An Organisation”, and New Hope’s own experience in developing robust volunteer management practices.

To learn more about the VMM Matrix, visit these links:

1) Information Kit: https://go.gov.sg/vmminformationkit
2) Assessment Tool: https://go.gov.sg/ncss-vm-maturity-matrix
3) Likely Asked Questions (LAQs): https://go.gov.sg/vmmlaq
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