Visual Project Management: Visual workplace 5S Andon Kanban - learn Management

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Visual Project Management: Visual workplace 5S Andon Kanban - learn Management
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Learn Lean Management Business Management and Project Management with Visual Management tools MINITAB EXCEL tutorial
Create a visual workplace which allows even people unfamiliar with a process to identify wastes and errors,Learn Visual Measures with MINITAB and EXCEL,Learn Lean Visual Tools such as Kanban, e-Kanban and ANDON,Learn about visual management with visual controls
Enthusiasm to learn new management skills,Interest in Process or Business Analysis,What is Lean Visual Business Management?,In most of the management crashes, communication is one of the main reasons of the business problems. Visual management is all about making effective communication using cues so that key information can easily be transmitted to the workers or customers. Though it is commonly used to display information on targets, performance, warnings, expectations and standards, the key concept is whether or not someone is familiar with the particular business or service, he/she should be able to understand all the process visually regarding current state of work, work processes, navigate around the area and track the team’s performance.,What isn’t Lean Visual Business Management?,Many understand flowcharts and pictorial process layouts as Lean or Visual Management. Although flowcharts and pictorial instructions are some tools of lean management and visual management, they aren’t complete visual management themselves.,Starting with 'WHY'-WHY should you try this course?,This course comes out of experience of a professional who has 10+ years of experience in Visual Management, Business Process Mapping and Flow-charting, Value Streaming the processes and Business Analysis. This course is based on Theory-Case Study-Practical Analysis-Test your Skills approach.,The Theory deals with unique step by step problem identification, analysis, solving and control approach with different kinds and levels of Visual Tools such as Visual Displays, Visual Measures and Visual Controls. WHY- Because this creates a logical reading pathway to understand Visual Management from Beginner's level of Visual Displays to advanced level of Visual Measures and Visual controls.,The Case Study Section deals with simulated case studies. WHY- Because you should be able to understand the real life use of the skills you learn in theory.,The Analytical Section deals with tutorials of MINITAB, EXCEL and COMPANION for Minitab to use and understand Visual Measures. WHY- Because you should be able to save your time, energy and resources while performing analysis and these tools will certainly help you improve your learning curve.,The Quiz 'Test Your Skills' Section deals with checking your knowledge after the section of the course is over. Finally the 'Practice Test Section' helps you identify your weak and strong knowledge or skill areas. WHY- Because you should be perfect enough to practice the skills in real life scenario when you finish the course.,What's inside the course (in a nutshell)?,In the Beginner's level of Difficulty, you will learn how to use the course, benefits and characteristics of visual management and different types of Visual management tools. You will also learn about work place organization, work standardization, visual work place and color coding. This will be followed by different quizzes and simulation case studies.,In the Advanced Level of this course, you will further learn about different Visual Management Strategies using-,VISUAL DISPLAYS- Where you will study about different symbols used in visual displays, ANDON, KANBAN and e-KANBAN, Cross Training Charts, Visual Footprints, Visual Work Instructions and Red Tagging.,,VISUAL MEASURES- Where you will study about BOS charts, Run charts, Pareto Charts and Histograms,,VISUAL CONTROLS- Where you will study about different visual control tools.This level follows a final 'PRACTICE TEST' section that helps you check your string and weak areas of knowledge.,How do I really know that I have learned enough?,There are 3 ways to do so inside the course-,By learning through Case Studies and Simulated Case Studies,By checking your knowledge through other Quizzes,By participating in FINAL PRACTICE TEST.,What’s the safety?,With 30 days money back guarantee you can sit back and relax as you learn. Give it a try because this course will change your organizational improvement knowledge and that’s the promise from the instructor.,Let’s make it a learning celebration and a 'skill for lifetime'. Welcome to the course!,,Professionals from any business or industry who want to improve their productivity and careerLean and Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt professionalsCurre
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