Vintage railway film - Report on modernisation no. 11: Railways conserve the environment - 1970

This vintage railway film, produced by British Transport Films in 1970, is report No. 11 in a series of 13 topical films, produced since the far reaching plan for the modernisation and re-equipment of British Railways in 1955 started to take effect, to log the many developments - new services, equipment, techniques - wherever these have been introduced. They provide a unique pictorial record of the progress of British Railways.

Because 1970 was European Conservation Year, this issue of the Rail Report Series was devoted to examples of what railways in Britain were doing to help conserve and improve our national environment. The conversion of former railway property - including that trendy temple, the Round House - is shown, yielding Nature Trails for children and training runs for race horses. Railway architecture, old and new, still makes its important contribution as does contemporary design.
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