Important things in laundry business management
The success of a business is not only seen from the popularity of the business at the beginning of its opening, but is obtained from a healthy and controlled business process.

In order to provide a long life for your laundry business, you need to do good business management on the following things:

Create and run SOPs
SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a material or material that regulates the running of an operational activity. The existence of SOPs is very helpful for entrepreneurs in running their businesses.

Laundry business will not run smoothly without a clear SOP. Given, the laundry business is very closely related to the provision of services and services. Therefore, the slightest error needs to be minimized, at least by using the SOPs that are owned.

Laundry business owners should have several SOPs that regulate operational activities separately. For example, SOP for washing process activities. So it is necessary to regulate the procedures and order of employees in washing customer clothes.

The SOPs that are prepared must be as detailed and clear as possible so that they can be understood and implemented easily.

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