Vertical Integration of the Fertility Field: What Lies Ahead with Louis Villalba

Is vertical integration inevitable?

That’s the question we explore this week with Louis Villalba, CEO of TMRW Life Sciences, as he dives into the consolidation and current business climate within the fertility space.

Tune in to learn about:
- The 5 ancillary services of the fertility space (And how they make the distinction between vertical and horizontal integration)
- The argument against concentrating these services (Like risking new buckets of liability)
- The argument for concentrating these services (The sweet spot to acquiring a related service)
- Backward integration vs Forward integration (Move closer to raw materials or toward end patient consumers?)
- A breakdown of the recent major lawsuits in fertility (And what those would look like in a vertically integrated fertility space)
- Speculation on when we could expect to see antitrust regulation in the field
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