Vehicle Repair Management in Odoo

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It has many configuration option, that will make workshop management easier.
Options like separate and intuitive implementation of vehicles and services configuration.

You can categorize vehicle services.
Create different Service/Repair Teams by their expertise skills and assign different services to these teams.

To manage the vehicles you have options like vehicle types, brands(make), spare parts, fuel/engine types etc.

There is a feature to auto save a new vehicle by its plate number, and in future it will be used to fetch the
vehicle details while create a service work order. This will save your time.

Here we also provide an option to create service templates, You can create these templates and use them to create
a service work order very quickly.

In the settings there are options to manage the mail notifications.
It also gives you the reporting feature and much more.
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Odoo Vehicle Repair
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Vehicle Repair Module
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