VCMastery LIVE: November 18th 2021.

This month Virtual Communication Mastery starts a two-part conversation with the VCMastery team on elements that CEOs and leaders need to know as we move into 2022. The virtual world and the remote or hybrid workforce are here to stay with organizations from small to the fortune 500’s. Are you ready?
Join Sharon MacLean, Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh, Nancy Sager, and Tom Bradshaw as they share their knowledge to confidently transition during this paradigm shift.
This month we focus on three topics:
1. Management styles – Your current management style may not adapt to the new paradigm we are seeing and it’s important to look back over the last decade and analyze how these changes have affected leadership.
2. Communication Audit. One of the key drivers of future success will be your organization’s ability to communicate in the real, online, and virtual world. While communication has always been critical, we now have an array of technologies and you and your employees are going to need to master both the technical aspects as well as the soft skills needed.
3. Thirdly were going to discuss your level of trust with your stakeholders. Trust with stakeholders has been going through developmental changes for several years. During the pandemic, we started to see trust diminish as employers implemented spyware to track their employees. Is it any wonder the great resignation is underway? At VCMastery we can not only rebuild that trust but show you how to develop it to create a community of loyalty to you and your organization.
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