Vancouver's Manager of Transportation Planning, Dale Bracewell is our guest for Ep. No. 103

Road space reallocation, All Ages & Abilities active mobility network, e-cargo-bike freight/goods cycle-logistics, school streets, slow streets, and pricing for motor vehicle access in the downtown core - these are all critical factors connected to Vancouver's newly adopted Climate Emergency Action Plan that John and Dale discuss in this episode.

Their goal is to have 2/3 of trips by 2030 to be walking, biking, and transit. Land use is crucial, creating the walkable "15-minute city".

Canadian Federal Active Transportation Strategy

What's in this video:
0:00 Cold open with School Streets video
0:38 John's introduction to the video
1:04 LIVE Active Towns Holiday Gathering w/ Ryan Van Duzer
2:16 Help support Active Towns
3:27 Start of the conversation w/ Dale Bracewell
4:07 Dale introduces himself
7:34 All Ages & Abilities Cycle Network Update - Streetfilms video backdrop:
11:19 Going from planter protected bike lanes to permanent infrastructure
15:43 E-cargo bike cycle-logistics pilot
18:49 Climate Emergency Action Plan
20:00 Climate Emergency - Transportation Impacts
25:18 Transportation Demand Management and VanGo
28:20 Sustainable Mobility Toolkit for Employers
34:18 School Streets Pilot
37:37 School Streets Video
42:49 Slow Streets Program redefining street space for people
51:25 New Granville Bridge People Connector
54:26 Pricing motor vehicle access to the city's core based on Climate Emergency
1:04:15 Closing comments about the need for big moves by our nations
1:06:48 Video b-roll from John's visit to Vancouver in 2016
1:07:00 John's closing comments for the episode

Richards Street Improvements:

Transportation 2040 Plan:

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