V10 Inspection UAV System| Foxtechrobot 6KG Max Payload 150 MINS Max Flight Time Inspection Patrol

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Product Description:
V10 uses universal intelligent power batteries and hin-end od equipment t can e equipped with a visible light aena survey module, visible light tit module visible video moduleTherma infrared camera module thera infrared video module multispectra module hyperspectral module ida module-synthetic aperture rada module and some combination modules equipped with high-precision differential SS board, standard network RK/PPK and its fusion solution service support high-precision POS-assisted aerial triangulation has the ability of 1:500 large-scale mapping without control points and realizes the application of image control free.
Product Features:
-Multiple Sensors Redundant Fusion System
-Support Network RTK & PPK Calculation
-Long Endurance Time &Distributed Power Management
- High-Efficiency Aerodynamic & Structural Design
-Multi-load Module Interchangeable design
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