Using Divorce Mediation to End your Marriage with Dignity (and without breaking the bank)

Divorce Mediation. What is it? Why should you use it? Can you really have a better divorce? Sound too good to be true? Come find out all about divorce mediation and what YOU NEED TO KNOW from special guest Judith Weigle (@theamicabledivorceexpert).

In this episode, we discuss:
✅ What is Divorce Mediation?
✅ Who is a good candidate for mediation?
✅ How does mediation work?
✅ Mediation stories from two experienced divorce mediators.
✅ Honesty and trust to get to an amicable divorce.
✅ How mediators help resolve all types of disputes.
✅ The ways in which support is determined through mediation.
✅ Taking personal responsibility during a divorce.
✅ Divorce is not a failure.
✅ The journey to come to terms with the divorce.
✅ Our host makes a big personal announcement.

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