Using Deep-Tech to Drive Structural Impact for an Inclusive Society

Technology holds an incredible potential to transform sectors rapidly and globally. It can help us increase the accessibility to and the productivity of healthcare, education and agricultural services, while lowering emissions and waste. Technology not only aids us in driving efficiencies, but also in disrupting and creating an inclusive society.

In the last two decades, India has emerged as a hub for software tech development and made tremendous progress in creating an IP-led deep-tech ecosystem. Not only have the homegrown innovations in the sector scaled in India, but also been deployed as global solutions, in areas as diverse as robotics, material science, drug discovery, AI, data science, medical devices, advanced diagnostics and space-tech, to name a few. Deep and frontier technologies developed in India have the potential of bringing us closer to India’s UN SDG targets for 2030 across several goals through disruptive innovations in healthcare, mobility, education, agriculture, waste management, etc

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