Use This MORNING ROUTINE To Destroy Laziness & Eliminate BRAIN FOG! | Andrew Huberman

Published - When listening to this most recent interview with Andrew Huberman, you will hear about my new favorite app Endel. Endel creates personalized soundscapes in real-time to help you sleep at night and focus during the day. Their technology is insane and has really been helping me fall asleep. I’m sure you can relate, but sometimes it’s just not easy for me to get my mind to stop for the night. This app has fixed that for me. So, if you’re like me and find it hard to fall asleep peacefully (yes, I’m talking to all of you who endlessly scroll until you eventually fall asleep), I’ve teamed up with Endel so you can try it out for yourself! Endel will give you a whole month free, with full access to their soundscape library and personalization features. Click here to grab your free month! -
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