Use a Horizontal Bar Chart to Explain your Data

Today will we talk about how to use a horizontal bar to visualize an analysis of items from a survey. Also, we will discuss the importance of including the response rate in the chart title so that people can access the generalizability of the data set. Don't worry. It can all be done with a three-part description and analysis. Here is an example for a fictitious island resort.

"Based upon a 83.5% response rate, 2,021 of guests of the Warm Winds resort expressed high levels of satisfaction with our tangibles as well as our service in terms of assurance, empathy, and reliability. Guests’ perceptions of our responsiveness, however, did not meet expectations with an average rating of 2.8. An inspection of the four items focusing upon service responsiveness shows that our guests did not feel that the Warm Winds staff provided prompt service (with an average rating of 2.1) and that they were too busy to provide it (with an average rating of 1.8). Yet, our guests had more positive perceptions of our staff’s willingness to provide assistance (3.6) and their ability to explain exactly when services would be performed (3.7). Considering the expense and the distance traveled to stay at the Warm Winds resort, our guests greatly value their time with us and expect to have their issues and needs met immediately. This week all of our line managers should talk to their staff to identify areas where we can improve how we deliver our services. These discussions may lead to training sessions to ensure that Warm Winds continues to be our guests’ favorite travel destination."

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