Upsc Morning Motivation | I Woke Up at 7:30 am To Revise

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Hello everyone..... Welcome to DESIRE UPSC Vlogs {Subscribe to my Channel}

I am B.ARCH ( Bachelor of Architecture) Graduate and I am passionate towards my dream to become a civil servant.

I am preparing for UPSC exam.....staying at my home.
I created this channel to share my journey, daily life and Study Vlog with my fellow Aspirants.

This channel will have Educational video's regarding UPSC CSE Preparation, Study Vlogs, Productivity videos & also LIVE Study Streams.
This Study channel will give all of us a strong sense of community as we all want to complete the journey ( An Aspirant to a Civil Servant).

I hope my Channel help you guys and know more about UPSC CSE preparation.
I will be really happy if this small effort of mine can help few individuals.

Stay focused on Goals & Happy Study Hours to all
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