Update from Oxford Nanopore Technologies

00:00 Disclaimer
00:15 Introduction to technology & our goal
01:00 Why nanopore? And accuracy improvements
04:43 How does nanopore sequencing work?
05:47 How can we drive improvements in accuracy and output
08:05 The Nanopore product family
08:35 Accuracy improvements — From the R10.3 to R10.4 nanopores
09:19 PromethION accuracy improvements
09:57 PromethION output (10 Tb of data from a single run)
10:57 Marathon chips: design changes to PromethION Flow Cells
12:41 P2: Low-cost, high-throughput sequencing
13:52 Introduction to Flongle
16:10 Development of our low-cost Flongle Flow Cell
18:05 Can we remove the need for users to flush their flow cell in the future?
19:06 New ASIC and future applications
22:35 Innovation at Oxford Nanopore and how we do it
23:31 Accuracy — the different ways of thinking
24:54 What can affect accuracy?
25:40 A history of nanopore accuracy
27:03 Accuracy — where are we now?
27:38 Duplex accuracy
28:37 Consensus accuracy
29:20 Variant calling accuracy
31:38 Methylation accuracy & our new tool, Remora
33:19 Check out our results with our open data sets
33:51 Application accuracy: barcoding
34:28 Application accuracy: plants
35:40 Application accuracy: short fragments
36:44 Headline accuracy numbers
37:36 MinKNOW
39:15 Basecalling
40:10 Adaptive sampling
41:25 Platform updates
41:45 Platform scalability and accessibility
42:55 Price per Gb
43:31 The versatility and richness of information
46:06 Real, real- time
46:42 Product release process and continuous improvement
49:50 R.10.4 Nanopore and Kit 12 for Q20+ accuracy
50:34 Sample preparation and new kits
51:20 Native barcode kit for Q20+ chemistry
52:03 Rapid kit for Q20+ chemistry
52:35 Multiplex ligation kit
53:25 Ultra-long sequencing kit
54:25 Adaptive sampling
55:15 cDNA PCR sequencing kit
55:14 cDNA PCR sequencing kit: single cell sequencing
57:18 Midnight (ARTIC) sequencing kit
57:49 Sequencing short fragments
58:52 VolTRAX
59:19: Sequencing devices
59:37 MinION
1:00:25 PromethION
1:03:20 P2 Solo
1:03:55 Analysis updates
1:06:04 Tools and workflows
1:07:49 Release timeline
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